Our Story

English & French Bulldogs
French and English Bulldog Pups

Our journey began long before our beautiful English & French bulldogs came into our lives. Our team is made up of 3 siblings, Tera, Taylor and Triston. Throughout our lives, our parents had many different pets. They bred quite a few, including rabbits and African spur-thighed tortoises which are one of the largest in the world! They definitely inspired our love for animals and the need to have them in our lives. Fast forward many years & we all work together in a family catering business.  Our parents started it over 20 years ago in Tampa, FL.

English & French Bulldogs are in the Top 10 Breeds in the U.S.

Our parents founded Colossal Cats Maine Coon Cattery over 3 years ago after falling in love with their gorgeous, loving and playful personalities. After a few years of helping them, we were certain that we wanted to follow in their footsteps – but with the bulldogs that captured our hearts. We researched for years to find breeders who preserved the positive qualities of bulldogs &  had the rare colors like blue, chocolate and lilac. We wanted to make sure that our lineage came from dogs with great bone structure. This prevents many of the health issues that you see in some pure-bred English & French bulldogs.

Join us on our bulldog adventure!

With some of the best pedigrees and award-winning lines throughout the America’s, we are very happy to be able to present to you Huggabulls Rare Color English and French Bulldogs! Depending on how you contact us you may be speaking with a different sibling, but we are very excited for this journey with these amazing, beautiful and hilarious dogs. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. Please feel free to follow us on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Our FAQ answers a lot of questions but we are also here via email at info@huggabulls.com.